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The following are a selection of recent articles on a variety of topics.

Climb Trees, Not Ladders

November 2018 – Engaging Local Government Leaders Network

One of the biggest differences in the workplace between the incoming and outgoing generations is the perception of career path and progression.  Largely as a result of pattern and precedent, the generation before us saw their careers as a progression up a ladder.  Quite the opposite, we seek a great big tree with lots of branches to explore.  This difference is, I believe, one of the main reasons the incoming generation catches slack for moving around too much, for being inpatient and for expecting more mobility and flexibility than the traditional ladder offered.

I don’t want to get to the end of my career and find that I just climbed one ladder.  I want to have fully explored the whole tree.

That doesn’t mean that all of us who perceive our careers this way can’t be top level administrators.  It simply means that we are not necessarily interested a straight shot up a single ladder to get there.  So yes, we meander.  And yes, we get restless because we constantly seek to explore new things. No, we aren’t interested in “waiting our turn”. And yes, we will still get there – wherever we decide “there” is.  I argue we will be more creative, more compassionate and more collaborative when we do.  And we will bring with us a rich, diverse collection of experiences gathered from all of our other branches.


On Momentum & Progress – #13percent to #genderbalance

Jan 2017  Journal of the National Association of County Administrators / ELGL

Every individual serving in local government can do three things that will help to advance the role of women in the profession.

1. Encourage

2. Notice and Speak Up

3. Mentor

Cycling’s Lessons for Government Leaders

Sep 23, 2015  Governing Magazine

In government as in cycling, there will be amazing highs and some real battles along the way. Change gears when you need to. Keep your head up. Stay steady. Keep pedaling and enjoy the ride

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