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Stacy’s session at GFOA 2018 in St. Louis

Bring Gov Leader Strategies to your organization, your conference or your professional development event!

Stacy Schweikhart enjoys traveling to conferences and events where she can interact with public serving professionals on a broad range of topics.  Because Stacy is a professional working in the field of local government, she does not charge a speaker fee but rather asks for the opportunity to learn alongside your attendees and simply have travel expenses covered.

The following are titles and session descriptions for Stacy’s most popular sessions and half/full day workshops.  She is happy to work with organizations to custom design webinars, education sessions and webinars to meet your needs.

Building Brands and Creating Cultures of Authentic Servant Leadership

Which comes first: your brand or your culture?  How do your employees and your customers perceive your organization? How healthy is your culture?  Can you identify how the two are linked?  In today’s highly competitive market for talent, your brand and your culture are critical to your organization’s ability to thrive.  This is not a “should” session, it is a “how” session based on Stacy’s book of the same title.  Session attendees will leave with an outline of how to pursue a grassroots brand transformation  that will orient the culture of your organization toward servant leadership.

Strategic Government Resources 2018

The Leadership Vortex

The Leadership Vortex is an approach to assessing and developing the patterns of behavior necessary to be a leader in any field.  Using a visual model as a guide, the interactive Leadership Vortex workshop examines levels of leadership effectiveness and engagement.  Conduct an assessment of both yourself and your team and discover how to use the Leadership Vortex to realign roles and priorities. A powerful tool for both management and personal introspection, the Leadership Vortex will change the way you view your role as a leader.

Culture Vultures

Culture Vultures…you know the ones.  They are menacing.  They pick at everything.  Their mere presence instills fear of doom. Culture Vultures spend time picking at organizational efforts and pointing out why they won’t work.  Culture Vultures rebuke efforts to incorporate culture into every day – to put people first.  They are the first to block a people first approach with a legal risk and proclaim that policy, technology or marketing are the better areas to make the change. Every organization has them.  And unfortunately even the best efforts to transform culture won’t destroy them all. This session provides practical advice on how to deal with Culture Vultures.

South Carolina State Conference 2016

Organizational Anthropology

Leading often involves Organizational Anthropology, particularly when faced with stagnation and obstacles to change. You may have leaders who aren’t leading at all. You may have a culture where mediocrity is the norm. You may have systems and processes that are fossils from another time. Moving forward  will require you and your core team to act as what Stacy calls Organizational Anthropologists. You need to dig through some old, dusty stuff and figure out how to rework your organizational structure and your day to day processes to align with the new reality you are trying to create.

Reputation Management & Crisis Communication

Preparation to respond in the event of crisis or emergency, and in the face of criticism or threat, is a leadership skill that can’t be taught.  It’s something that becomes innate through experience, like an involuntary reflex.  And unfortunately it is a skill that is becoming more and more critical in our uncertain world.  This session focuses on the key actions public serving leaders must take to manage the reputation of their organization before, during and after a crisis.


Stacy leading panel at League of Women in Government National Symposium

Building the Bench / Filling the Talent Gap

Recruitment of talent to your organization is one of the greatest challenges facing leaders in public serving organizations.  This session highlights specific examples of how organizations are building a talented workforce, looking beyond traditional recruitment methods to attract a qualified applicant pool, creating innovative on-boarding programs and finding unique opportunities to recognize employees. You won’t hear in this session — how to develop a succession plan, a list of generational stereotypes, or strategies for managing millennials, or the silver tsunami. You will hear a myriad of actionable items for you to take back to your organization.

Public Engagement: Beyond the Buzzword

Learn how communities are using a mix of data and storytelling to communicate the value of public service to their audience.  This session offers affordable, realistic ideas on how you can improve both internal and external engagement. The material goes beyond the buzzwords of transparency, accountability, and innovation and into the practical approaches being used by the best public serving organizations.

Beyond the Buzzwords 2.0

Explore more ways to take your initiatives beyond the buzzwords.  This session will focus on internal engagement, communication and innovation.  We will talk about organizational branding and culture, new approaches to staff development and employee moral and how to respond to dreaded “culture vultures” you may encounter along the way.

Slow News Days vs. Sky is Falling – Media relations in the age of instant information is a whole new ballgame and you’ve got to understand the rules.  Learn how media demands are changing and how you can use the new landscape to your advantage.  This session will be full of real, low-to-no cost ways to get your story out there, true stories of how crisis communication really plays out and strategies to make the most of your media interactions.

Stacy leading panel at ELGL17 Conference

Building Brand Ambassadors in the Public Sector

In the new era of local government administration, agencies must focus efforts on leveraging public support.   Beyond civic engagement, our agencies can lead the way in building brand ambassadors for our communities. There are three distinct audiences in your community that are perfect potential brand ambassadors.  This workshop will provide concrete strategies and best practice approaches for engaging each audience along the continuum to create true advocates. These efforts and programs provide invaluable opportunities to connect your organization with your citizens, build public trust, and highlight the relevance of the services you provide.

Social Media: Two Part Series

Social Media 101: The Basics

The Social Media train has left the station.  Are you on board?

The growth of social media in recent years is exponential and the impact on local government is significant.  While some agencies were early adopters who joined to social media revolution at the onset, others remain hesitant that the benefits of getting on the social media train outweigh the perceived risks.  The early adopters who rushed on the train may now be looking back at the station realizing they may not have prepared in all the ways necessary for the trip.  The hesitant are still standing on the platform looking for some safeguards that getting on the train will be worth it.  This session will provide a basic overview of the leading social media platforms, an understanding of the key principals and audiences for each and recommendations for establishing social media philosophy, practice and policy in your agency.  Social media is a revolution and one that our constituents expect us to use as a method of delivering information and customer service.  With careful consideration of philosophy, practice and policies agencies can ensure that they will be prepared to enjoy the ride.

Social Media: Philosophy, Practice and Policy

This session will cover best practices and new requirements for use of social media in public agencies. The discussion of philosophy will consider the purpose, benefits, coordination and intended uses of social media.  The examination of practice will focus on the nuts and bolts of day to day social media administration – posting, monitoring and responding –  and some of the recent and impending changes by social media platforms that will impact your efforts.  The exploration of policy will consider the technology, communication, legal and personnel implications that your agency must weigh. Session will highlight emerging trends in social media and consider how new platforms and new features impact your agencies efforts to share your story with the public


Behind the scenes at one of Stacy’s sessions






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