Building Brands & Creating Cultures

Stacy Wall Schweikhart’s latest project is a step-by-step guide to building a brand and creating a culture of authentic servant leadership for your organization.

Your investment in the culture and environment where your teams spend more waking hours than they do at home with with families is your most valuable contribution as a servant leader.

Certainly you could choose to believe that your existing culture is a healthy one. Maybe it is. But how do you know?

If you don’t have the right brand, both externally and internally, you won’t attract the right people.  If you don’t have the right people, or people with the right priorities, you can’t create or sustain a thriving culture.

Branding and culture, particularly for public serving organizations and people serving leaders, are interdependent.


”I love this book, the topic, the content and all the steps. Its a great process outlined very clearly on how to go from A to Z with great examples and stories along the way. I like Golden City and Grit City approach and think that is very identifiable to everyone in some way. The focus on the people over the process is a critical issue and this is a great step in addressing that in this space, even for the non-people people the process forces the issue.” — Ryan Davis

“Stacy brings the expertise that I (and most of us) lack in the practical strategies needed to manage a brand. But she also brings a wealth of experience in media relations, crisis communications, and community relations, as well as branding and culture. But most significantly, Stacy has studied, believes in, and walks the talk of authentic servant leadership.” — Ron Holifield

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